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Blue Ford Fiesta

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Did a basic wash on this hatch the inside & out. the vehicle was reasonably clean. Nothing was tricky apart from the mag wheels but managed to get the result I was after. The final result was the effort that was put into the detail and the customer was happy.

Blue Kia

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Did a basic wash on this wagon the inside was dirty. A bit of a challenge but nothing I couldn’t deal with. The outside was just a wash and dry. Pretty simple. The final result was id say time and the effort put into the job.

Silver Nissan X-Trail

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Did a basic wash on this SUV. The inside & out were reasonably clean and wasn’t to bad to do. There were no real challenges. I did to get this car clean the final result was the effort that I put in

Blue Ford F250

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Basic was wash done on this big ute. Both inside & out were so filthy! There were a few tricky bits to get this monster clean, like the vinyl floor had dry mud a scrub and Armor All. The rear tray needed a scrub also. 

White Toyota Landcruiser

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Did a premium wash on this nice 4×4. Tthe inside & and out was a challenge! There was sand everywhere being a country car. The final result was I would say the effort that I put in to get this. All clean.

Silver Focus

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I did a basic wash on this small sedan. It was a little bit dirty on the inside & the outside. I did my best to get it cleaner so the customer was happy. There were no tricky bits that I couldn’t manage.